Hermat project has been led by Mag Soar in collaboration with AM Atomizers for the development of a high-speed, contact-less and oil-free magnetic gear that can be used in atomizers.

Production of powder from liquid, slurry or suspensions is a critical process in a variety of sectors including dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, pigment and environmental industries.

Increasing demand for quality, safety, product sterilization, purity and lack of contamination as well as the usual presence of explosive atmospheres, strongly condition the process and limits the available technologies.

Centrifugal atomizers are currently the only technology able to work with liquids of different viscosity and density as well as to select properties of the powder.

By using magnetic gears in atomizers, lubrication is no longer necessary and, therefore, hygienic conditions are guaranteed and contamination in the production of powders is avoided. Pressure control can also be ensured.

As a result of the project, a prototype of the high-speed magnetic gear has been successfully developed.

The advantages or the combination of oil-free technology with the direct drive concept:

  • 2 or 4 pole motors of maximum reliability. High energy standards.
  • High-speed special grease sealed bearings. High reliability and long average life.
  • No radial load on the entire rotating line of the machine. Axial configuration.
  • No lubrication. Compatible with food industry
  • High temperature compatible. No specific cooling
  • Easy maintenance. Axial geometry makes it simple

Gear Characteristics

Gear Ratio [-]



Magnetic Dimensions (D x L)

45 x 55

[mm x mm]

Magnetic Mass



Slip Torque (25ºC)



Slip Torque (100ºC)



Efficiency (at 30000 rpm)



Torque Density



Max Speed Fast Stage



Max Speed Slow Stage