Magnetic Gears Main Advantages

  • A contactless alternative

In contrast to conventional gears, MAG SOAR´s magnetic gears do not present contact between teeth, therefore eliminating the requirements of lubrication, suppressing wear and minimizing maintenance.

  • High torque capacity

Thanks to years of intensive research, MAG SOAR has accomplished outstanding torque capacity, in some cases exceeding the values provided by its mechanical competitors.

  • Overload protection

If the demanded output torque overpasses the maximum design torque the system «slips» but nothing breaks down. Once the overload situation is solved, normal operation is completely recovered.

  • World record in reduction ratio

Optimagdrive last manufacture has achieved the highest reduction ratio ever reached by a magnetic drive. The tests have demonstrated a reduction ratio of 44. A wide range of high reduction ratios are available to meet almost all applications requirements.

  • Zero backlash

MAG SOAR magnetic gears provide smooth and very accurate motion and zero-backlash between the teeth.

  • Harmonic and vibration isolation

MAG SOAR gearbox also provides harmonic and vibration isolation between the input and the output stages and quiet operation.

  • Optimum performance

The efficiency of the gearbox can be designed to reach equivalent values to those in electric motors, even in the most demanding environmental conditions. Extreme temperature, high vacuum, and radiation resistance models are available under request.

It is also reversible and can be used as a multiplication device. Linear magnetic gearboxes and displacement multipliers are also available.