Optimagdrive - Magnetic Gears for Space Applications

Optimagdrive is a contactless magnetic gear technology specially designed for space applications able to operate at a temperature range of -210°C to 120°C. This innovative mechanism consists on an optimization of the MAG DRIVE already developed and tested technology. 

MAG DRIVE project objective was to design, build and test a magnetic superconductor non-contact drive able to function at extreme temperatures. 

MAGDRIVE did not only satisfactorily pass every test but also exceeded the initial expectations. The drive superconducting magnetic bearings have proven to be capable of suppressing every contact between moving parts. The lack of friction almost eliminates the fatigue of the system, one of the primary causes of the reduction of the lifetime in all kinds of mechanical devices. It also releases the machinery from the constant need of lubrication and improves its efficiency

Thanks to MAGDRIVE innovative technology advantages Optimagdrive barely has maintenance requirements. It has been designed with reduced size and weight, what makes it more adaptable to different situations. 

It is also reversible: it can reduce but also multiply the velocity. It can also go clockwise or anticlockwise. Ratio, maximum torque, stiffness, and damping can be customized. Even more, it can be also customized to be directed or inverted (inverting the sense of the rotation). A low noise level, through-wall capabilities and the ability for damping torsional vibrations are also remarkable features of this kind of devices.