Z-TVA- Minimized Tuned Vibration Absorbers

MAG SOAR prototypes are based on impedance matching. This multiplier effect results in a more effective damping of both low and high-frequency range.

Z–Damper is a compact passive damper specifically designed for extreme temperature environments. It provides an optimized maintenance-free vibration isolation even for micro vibrations.

This product is provided with a finned copped shell where heat is generated by eddy currents and released into the air. Other options of refrigeration of the shell are also available.

Design parameters can be customized to fit specific requirements. The technical data table shows the performance of a prototype specially optimized to reach a natural frequency of 12 Hz at high temperatures.


Operational Temperature Range-50ºC to 80ºC
Survival Temperature Range [ºC]-70ºC to 300ºC
Max. Damping Force at 25ºC [kN]5 kN
Max. Input vibration amplitude [mm]5 mm
Multiplication ratio (n)7:1
Natural Frequency (most efficient operational point)19 Hz
Equivalent viscous damping coefficient (200ºC, 12 Hz) [Ns/mm]2200 Ns/mm
Maximum dissipated power60
Envelope (DxL) [mm]80 x 490 mm
Weight [kg]9 kg
Inertial mass [kg]3 kg
Potential Weight Saving (with regard to classic TVA)1000%