Testing, R&D and Turnkey Scientific equipment

MAG SOAR has manufactured, assembled and set up a lot of test rigs for internal use in our projects or for our customers own purposes.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber

MAG SOAR provides testing services in vacuum and cryogenic environments.

Our TVC has unique capabilities that allow testing of:

  • Vacuum&Thermal cycling
  • Static and dynamic linear excitations
  • Rotatory actuation
  • DC&AC magnetic pollution
  • Characterization of optic systems

High-Temperature Vibrating Table

MAG SOAR high temperature vibrating table provides a powerful tool for testing of static and linear dynamic excitations within a controlled temperature environment up to 300ºC.

Sinusoidal harmonic and random vibrations can be simulated with a vertical or horizontal orientation of your equipment.

The testbench is mainly composed of a highly dynamic hydraulic actuator, a climatic chamber and a temperature-controlled air circulating system.

Magnetic contamination

Mag Soar is specialized in magnetic mechanism characterization. Magnetic pollution is a critical parameter to control and minimize for most applications. A proper characterization of the magnetic emissions required from FEM, adequate equipment and, above all, experience.

MAG SOAR offers testing services for magnetic characterization of materials and for characterization of magnetic emissions of equipment.

Motor and Gears Testbench

MAG SOAR offers its knowledge and facilities for testing motor, gears, couplings and in general, any rotatory equipment. A climatic chamber allows characterization at different temperatures and fast aging tests.

Magnetic pollution can be also characterized during different operational conditions.

Materials characterization

MAGSOAR offers characterization of mechanical and magnetic properties of very different materials, from permanent magnets, to ceramics. Our material characterization services include:

  • DC & AC Magnetic properties
  • Elastic Modulus
  • Yield Strength
  • Compression Strength
  • Vickers Hardness Test
  • Fracture Toughness
  • Aging tests (temperature & humidity)