On July 9, the Final demonstration of H2020 MOSAR – MODULAR AND RE-CONFIGURABLE SPACECRAFT- was performed at MAG SOAR facilities.

The Horizon 2020 EU-funded MOSAR aimed at the development of a ground demonstrator for on-orbit modular and reconfigurable satellites. The project integrated and demonstrated to enable a fundamental shift of paradigm in designing and deploying satellites in future space missions.

A set of re-usable spacecraft modules configure a global eco-system. Each individual module is dedicated to a specific function as control, power, thermal management or sensors. Once assembled, they allow the full functionality of the spacecraft. A repositionable walking robotic manipulator allows capturing, manipulating and positioning the spacecraft modules, while being able to reposition itself on the spacecraft elements or directly on the modules.

MAG SOAR in this project developed a titanium -additive manufactured- thermal Interface with perfect alignment and 90 degree symmetry; allowing 4 connection positions with a heat transfer up to 2500 W between two spacecraft modules.

During the Final Demonstration, a virtual visit to MAG SOAR facilities and MOSAR setup was made. Then, heat transfer between two spacecraft modules and a safety mechanism to solve a hypothetical in-orbit failure were successfully live demonstrated.

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