Ignacio Valiente and Judit Esnoz, Technical Director and  Mechanical Engineer of Mag Soar respectively, presented the company magnetic and superconducting devices on TECH FEST Trade Fair on new technologies.

Dr. Valiente began going through the company star products and principal projects: Optimagdrive, Z-Damper, Levisolator and Sirom. He explained the advantages of magnetic components in comparison with conventional components, particularly significant for applications requiring a maximum precision, such as aerospace or robotics.

Mrs. Esnoz went deep into the magnetic gears working principles and exposed how Mag Soar engineering team had developed the technology in order to fulfill the precision and weight requirements of the space industry. Then, they explained how an innovative damping technology using a magnetic gear called Z-Damper is able to operate at extreme temperature.

They made evident Eddy Currents by throwing a magnet through a plastic tube, and a second one through a conductive metallic aluminum pipe in which Eddy Currents were induced and slowed it down. As a result, the second magnet fell down much later than the first one.        

The presentation finalized with an impressive superconductivity show in which magnets and superconductors created a magical and mesmerizing spectacle really worth to watch.        

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